About Me

My journey began at the age of 11, when I decided to pick up the violin for the very first time, excited to play in the school orchestra with my twin brother. I played the violin throughout grade school, and realized that I had such a passion for it, that I decided to pursue violin playing in college. I graduated in 2016 with a Bachelors degree in music from Hofstra university, where I studied violin performance. Post-graduation, I continue to do solo gigs and performances with small ensembles, and I have performed with a number of community orchestras on Long Island, including the Island Philharmonic and the North Shore Symphony. In 2018, I moved to Waltham, MA, where I performed with the Waltham Philharmonic for a season until making my way to Madison, CT. in 2020. In Madison, I performed for my local synagogue and worked on several recording projects in my home studio. In July 2022, I relocated to narberth, PA., where I now spend my time performing in the Greater Philly Area.

My audio journey branches off from my music journey. I first developed an interest in audio recording while playing my violin as a guest performer for recordings with a local band. This experience led me to go to school at the Recording Engineers Institute (REI), where I earned a certificate in audio engineering in 2017. After graduating from the REI, I worked as an Audio-Visual freelancer on Long Island and did freelance recordings for bands and solo musicians until moving to Waltham in 2018. In Waltham, I worked as an Audio-Visual Technician for an international AV company, doing AV in hotels throughout Boston and the Greater Boston Area for corporate meetings, events, conferences, and parties. In 2019, I became a Technical Lead operating out of a hotel in Waltham, where I was tasked with leading a crew in the execution of corporate events. Post-Covid, I continued working as an AV Technician in Connecticut, providing audio support for a variety of events from large corporate conferences to small synagogue services. 

Music is nourishment for our souls. It brings people together and creates joy. Most of my favorite performances have been in more intimate settings: performing for nursing homes, weddings, small family parties, or even in recording studios. My hope is that my violin playing can continue to spark this joy in my listeners, helping to make your event or project even more meaningful.

I deeply enjoy creating audio recordings. I love the process of working with a fellow musician to create a great song, from recording to mixing to mastering, and even editing. My time spent honing my ears as a musician gave me the critical listening skills to pick out the best parts of a recording, my time at the Recording Engineers Institute provided the knowledge of audio recording, and I have the gear to execute.  

Lastly, as much as I enjoyed the growth and education that came with working in the corporate AV world, my true passion lies in the more intimate events. I love using my knowledge of audio to help create weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, or any of the meaningful events that I have the honor of being a part of. I enjoy having the opportunity to help you have your special day. My hope is that my audio expertise will empower you to share your message and make your event as meaningful as it can be.

In short, I am a calm, professional audio engineer, and a warm and captivating musician. I have a passion for everything that I do, a desire to share my skills, and a goal to help make your event or project as meaningful as it can be.