Cory Guzzi Music and Audio

Violin and viola performance and tutoring
Audio recording, editing, mixing, mastering

Welcome! My name is Cory Guzzi. I am a driven musician and audio engineer, operating in the Greater Philly Area. 

As a violinist, I create emotional and moving performances. I have a warm and comforting sound, coupled with the versatility to play in many different styles, from classical to jazz to country, original improvisational pieces, and more. 

When I am not performing, I am inspiring my students. I deeply enjoy seeing my students grow. I believe that private tutoring is invaluable to the growth of any musician, and I hope to cultivate a love of music in my students while guiding them to becoming the best players that they can be.

As a recording engineer, my goal is to bring out the very best in your sound. I record, edit, mix, and master, and I do it in a way that aims to enhance the best pieces of your performance. When you hire me to do your recordings, you get a professional audio engineer who is dedicated to making your project sound great.